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Aria is a Pop Artist from NY. She grew up in a very musical environment and was exposed to everything from Rock to Pop to Latin to Country music and this comes through in her music. She plays guitar, piano and mandolin. 
While rock and pop are what she grew up on,  she began her music career at age 14 doing Modern Country music. Listening to Modern Country, she saw and heard that she could be country yet still have a little of the rock/pop sound that she also loves. She brought those influences to her debut album "Daydreaming". On her second album "Chrysalis", she expanded her music into the pop music genre. 

"Daydreaming", is an album full of songs about self-belief, family and more. This talented young artist also co-wrote 2 songs on the album. For her follow up album "Chrysalis", Aria showed not only her musical and vocal evolution but also her songwriting evolution, as she also co-wrote 7 of the album's 11 songs. 

​Her newest song, the dance pop "Hola Goodbye" is the first single off her upcoming 3rd album release.