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Aria is currently working on a new EP! The first single titled "Hola Goodbye" was released on November 13, 2020, along with a lyric video. Music video coming soon. Go see the lyric video on her Youtube channel now. More EP news coming soon! 

Aria's 3rd single off "Chrysalis" was released on Dec. 1, 2017! The single is "Happy Birthday to you" and you can see the official music and lyric videos for it on her Youtube channel

The 2nd single off "Chrysalis" was the song "In real time" and it was released on Feb. 3, '17! See the lyric and official videos for it now on Aria's Youtube channel! 

The 1st single off the "Chrysalis" album is the song titled "Shut my mouth", it was released on November 27, '15. Go view the official music and lyric videos for her single "Shut my mouth" on her Youtube channel! Go view them & enjoy! Enjoy all her other videos while you're on her channel! Don't forget to like, comment & subscribe! 

Aria’s 2nd album "Chrysalis" was officially released on June 24, '16. The album contains 11 songs. You can see the album's track listing on her discography page. “Chrysalis” is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and many other download/streaming sites. Just search Aria Cortes and you’ll find her music! 

Aria has an upcycled clothing line called "Making Monarchs". You can find it on Go show her your support now. 

​Aria wrapped up Season 2 of hosting a weekly webshow on Youtube with label mate Daphne Jo called "It may not be cool but...". Go check it out now and be ready to laugh!!

Aria had 3 singles from her debut album "Daydreaming". They were "I still believe in Fairy Tales", "Embrace it" and "Just me and my girls". All 3 songs received good airplay and fan recognition world-wide on online radio! You can see her official music and lyric videos for her "Daydreaming" singles on her YouTube channel. She also has a behind the scenes of the music video diaries that is really cool to see. Keep checking her channel for new videos or better yet subscribe to it so you’ll see them when they debut! 

Aria’s "Daydreaming" debut album was officially released on September 30, '11. The album contains 13 songs. You can also see the album's track listing on her discography page. The album is available for download/streaming on all your favorite sites! 

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