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Aria will have one more single in early 2019 from her "Chrysalis" album. More news coming soon!

Aria did a Halloween Concert on on October 27!

Aria's 3rd single off "Chrysalis" was released on Dec. 1, 2017! The single is "Happy Birthday to you" and the official music video for it was released in Sept. 2018 on her Youtube channel!

Aria created an Upcycling clothing line called "Making Monarchs" on, go show her your support!

The second single off "Chrysalis" has been released! It is the song "In real time" and it was released on Feb. 3, '17! See the official music video for it now on Aria's Youtube channel!

Aria had two concerts in 2017, one in January and the other in April. More concerts will be announced for the Fall 2018. Don't miss them! Stay tuned to the calendar page for more events!

Aria wrapped up Season 2 of hosting a weekly webshow on Youtube with label mate Daphne Jo called "It may not be cool but...". Go check it now!

Aria has a "Behind the lyrics" video explaining some of the inspirations behind her album's songs, along with other interesting tidbits can be found on her Youtube channel.

Aria’s 2nd album "Chrysalis" was officially released on June 24, '16. The album contains 11 songs. You can see the album's track listing on her discography page. The physical CD is available for order at

The first single off the album titled "Shut my mouth" was released on November 27, '15. You can hear/download the single on the home page, iTunes, Spotify and your favorite music download sites. You can buy the physical CD single exclusively at!

Aria has an official music video and lyric video for her single "Shut my mouth" on her Youtube channel! Go view them & enjoy! Enjoy all her other videos while you're on her channel! Don't forget to like, comment & subscribe!

You can preview and buy the digital download of Aria's other songs off of "Chrysalis" and her debut album "Daydreaming" and also buy the entire digital version of the album right on the home page! “Chrysalis” is also available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify and many other download/streaming sites. Just search Aria Cortes and you’ll find her music!

Aria is on Reverbnation! Visit her there to hear her music, see videos, comment/message her, ask her questions and more! Show your support on Aria's Reverbnation page now.

Follow Aria on Instagram at @ariacortes

Aria's music video for her 2nd single "Embrace it" is back on her Youtube channel. It was flagged in error and lost over a 100k views but it was recently put back up so it can be viewed again. You can see a behind the scenes video diary of the making of her "Embrace it" music video on her Youtube channel.

Aria's single "Embrace it" received good airplay and fan recognition world-wide on online radio!

The CD single for "Embrace it" contains a bonus track - the song "Butterfly" which is also on her "Daydreaming" album. Butterfly is the song dedicated to her fans which she calls her butterflies because of this song and she wanted it included on the CD single. It's also a good complimentary song to "Embrace it". The "Embrace it" CD single can be ordered right now from the World Conquest Records Artist Merchandise Store!

Have you seen Aria’s music video for “I still believe in Fairy Tales” on her YouTube channel? If not, go to her Youtube channel to check it out! She also has a behind the scenes of the music video diary that is really cool to see.  Keep checking her channel for new videos or better yet subscribe to it so you’ll see them when they debut!

Aria's single "I still believe in Fairy Tales" was sent to radio throughout the U.S. and world-wide and received good airplay on radio, online radio and streams! It has also been getting airplay on select college radio stations throughout the U.S.

You can hear Other preview clips of songs off of Aria's "Daydreaming" debut album in the player! If you go the music section on this site and hit her Daydreaming album page, you can see which songs can be found on the player along with Aria's favorite line from the songs!

On Aria's main page on her record company's site you can order Aria's "Daydreaming" debut album at a discounted price! The album and the first single off the album titled "I still believe in Fairy Tales" can both be bought at the World Conquest Records artist merchandise store. The store can be accessed on the site by clicking on the shopping cart link located on every artist page.

The CD single for "I still believe in Fairy Tales" contains 2 bonus tracks - a pop version of "I still believe in Fairy Tales" which is also on her "Daydreaming" album. The CD single also includes an exclusive version of the pop version without its acapella intro. The "I still believe in Fairy Tales" CD single can be ordered right now from the World Conquest Records Artist Merchandise Store!

Or you can buy the digital download of the single, songs on the album or the entire album (in physical or digital format) right on the home page. It's also available on iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster and many more other digital download/streaming sites as well. Just type in Aria Cortes!

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