Aria Cortes

Aria's Fun Facts

On this page, will be a collection of Aria's Weekly Fun Facts! Enjoy!

~Aria has always loved fashion and recently opened her own Etsy shop of upcycled clothing called Making Monarchs!

~Aria currently hosts a weekly webshow on Youtube with label mate Daphne Jo called "It may not be cool but..."

~Aria loves wrapping Christmas presents!

~Aria has always been a list maker. She has a list for almost everything.

~When Aria was younger she took Karate and reached blue belt.

~Aria loves working out and is currently doing P90X3.

~Aria likes to collect event tickets from concerts, movies and sports events.

~When Aria was in 1st grade, she wanted to be a paleontologist.

~Aria loves dressing up for Halloween.

~Aria loves wearing converse sneakers with skirts.

~Aria likes making collages.

~Aria is afraid of spiders.

~Aria took clarinet lessons in 6th grade.

~Aria can play guitar, piano and mandolin.

~Aria loves the sound of rain falling on windows.

~Aria doesn't like haunted house rides at amusement parks.

~Aria would love to be a judge on a talent show someday.

~Even though Aria isn't old enough to vote, she's enjoyed watching the conventions.

~Aria's favorite video game is Mario Kart.

~Aria's favorite event to watch in the Summer Olympics is gymnastics.

~Aria likes to draw. She draws mostly celebrities from pictures in magazines.

~Aria likes writing with blue pen ink instead of black pen ink.

~Aria likes when songs talk about music.

~Aria loves when song titles start with the word "the".

~Aria loves long car rides.

~One instrument Aria would like to learn is bass.

~Aria loves snow and hopes for some this winter.

~Aria likes rain but doesn't like umbrellas.

~The first instrument Aria learned to play was piano.

~Aria's favorite ice cream flavor is strawberry.

~Aria is now learning how to play the mandolin.

~Aria's 3 favorite Christmas songs are:

1. Rocking around the Christmas tree

2. Winter Wonderland

3. Christmas in Bosnia

~Aria's favorite soda is Dr. Pepper.

~The first concert Aria ever saw at Madison Square Garden was Carrie Underwood with Keith Urban. She says it was "one of the best concerts she's ever seen".

~Aria is fascinated by people with accents.

~Aria first heard about "The Hunger Games" at a book fair and now she's a huge fan!

~Aria's first time on stage was in kindergarten as part of a school play.

~Aria's favorite cereal is Trix.

~Aria is a NY Mets fan.

~Aria's favorite books as a kid was the Amelia Bedelia series.

~Aria's favorite fruit is strawberries.

~Aria is a big WWE fan. Her favorite wrestler is HHH.

~Aria's favorite brand of sneakers are Converse and she prefers hi tops to lo tops.

~Besides practicing guitar & vocals every day, Aria also takes piano lessons every day.

~Aria loves to write and if she wasn't a singer, she would want to be an author.

~Aria's favorite super-heroes are Superman & Batman.

~Aria's favorite fairy tale is Cinderella.

~Aria has been writing songs since she was 6. 2 of Aria's songs can be found on her debut album!

~Aria is a big Harry Potter fan and is both excited and sad about seeing the last HP movie.

~Aria's favorite animal is a polar bear.

~Aria is teaching herself to be ambidextrous.